Alternative Cycling Jersey

Made from a combination of two highly technical, Italian mesh performance fabrics that come from 100% recycled material, the Alternative Jersey is a high-performance piece of cycling clothing that is good for the environment.

How did we make you Cycling Jersey?


Design concept

Firstly, the design concept of your Cycling Jersey is being prepared. We are preparing the concept with the best designers who keep their eyes on details. After that, the design is printed.

Sublimation process

Sublimation is the process of transferring dye to a fabric using heat. Your Cycling Jersey goes through the press with over 200 degrees Celsius! That is one of the most important processes in the journey of your clothing.

Cut table

Now we have the sublimated fabric that comes to a cut table. By cutting the clothes out of the pressed fabric, we can put the fabrics together and make your Cycling Jersey!

Though we have always focused internally on making our production and clothing as eco-friendly as possible, we haven’t made the extra effort to ensure these initiatives are clear to our customers. So this year we have decided to break down the processes behind the manufacturing of our core products and their core garments, to trace them back to their origin, and to share that information with you by the end of 2022.

For over a decade it was for both of us all about speed, performance, discipline and winning.
We all first and foremost are cycling enthusiasts. Some of us like to ride fast, some never go on a ride without a camera slung over one shoulder. Some keep close track of power numbers, some don’t even ride with a computer.

Isadore is an unconventional company because its founders are unconventional. Martin and Peter Velits succeeded in going pro though they come from a non-cycling country.

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