BODO footwear

Why we love it.

These stylish, high quality and comfortable sandals with tyre imprint soles symbolise BODO’s mission to reduce auto waste. While every pair you buy donates one to poverty stricken communities.

How did we make your sandals?


Shoe Materials

First of all, we need to choose the right materials, in our case - it is used car tyres that we are using to create your sandals!

We are bringing the ideas of sustainability and ethic production to the world!

Processing Materials

The next step is the processing of materials! Every step in this process runs in compliance with the safety rules.

Shoe Assembly

The last step - shoe assembly!

About us

The concept of the BODO sandal originated in Trinidad & Tobago, where founder Peter Lochan’s uncle was determined to make a better living for himself. He created boot soles from used car tyres, selling them to oil field workers to bring longevity to their boots and proving much more durable.

Determined to keep his Uncle’s story alive, Peter has revived his innovative concept to create a sandal using used car tyres able to withstand wear like his uncle’s designs. 45,000 tonnes of car tyres are dumped each year, causing serious environmental issues. Here’s a clever sandle with a soul.